Our staff of experienced Field Operators, Project Managers, and Engineers are employed throughout North America providing exceptional service in multiple industrial sectors


Horizontal Directional Drilling & Tunneling

Increase drilling efficiencies, reduce wear and tear on drilling equipment, reduce project costs and environmental footprint

Central Solids Control & Dewatering Sites

  • Mobile and versatile shaker and centrifuge combination ackages
  • Chemical and flocculation tanks

Custom Drilling Fluids Programs & Product Supply

  • Bentonite, Viscosifier, Polymers, etc.
  • Onsite Mud Engineers

Data Management & Analysis

  • Daily Waste and Recovery Tracking
  • Fluids Properties and Performance


Micropiles, Slurry Wall, Jet Grouting, and More Eliminate onsite pits and expensive vacuum truck disposal Reclaim and reuse your initial batches of bentonite, polymer, or water drilling fluids with minimal volume additions Reduce site footprint Reduce waste volumes by 30+%


Central Solids Control & Dewatering Sites

  • Clear sediment influx to maintain proper channel depths
  • Remove contaminated or hazardous debris accumulation

Storage or Retention Pond Reclamation

  • Remove solid build up for future use and avoid pond closure and construction of further basins


Acid Mine Drainage Treatment
Tailings Ponds Reclamation
Sampling & Data Analysis

Dewatering Settling Ponds
Water Treatment
Solids Recovery


Municipal Digesters
Maximized Fluid Recovery
Downstream and Midstream

Oil & Gas Tanks

  • Crude, Slop Oil, Refinery Bi-Products
  • 3-Phase Separation